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No other single system in your home plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be than your heating and cooling system. Whether your system needs service, a routine checkup, or a full replacement, our team of experts is here to help.

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Carrier heating and cooling systems provide unrivaled comfort and industry leading reliability. There is a Carrier product available for any lifestyle and budget. Below is a summary of the available high-quality Bryant products.

Carrier Gas Furnaces

Carrier Comfort

Comfort Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces


Comfort Heat Technology® is designed to maintain temperature consistency. By matching the needs of the home and running on low stage for a longer period of time, the Infinity® System with Comfort Heat Technology uses the least amount of energy to give you the highest level of performance and comfort.

Comfort Heat Technology reduces temperature swings by up to 50%, runs quietly, keeps airflow more consistent and improves other air-enhancement systems like air purifiers and humidifiers.

Utility Rebates Available – Restrictions Apply

Carrier Furnace

Carrier Performance

Performance Series Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces  

Experience outstanding wintertime comfort and energy savings from Carrier Performance Series gas furnaces. The ultra-quiet performance and consistent airflow from these units can reduce hot and cold spots throughout the home. They also offer enhanced summer humidity control. Let the Performance Series be the focal point of your year-round comfort.

Utility Rebates Available – Restrictions Apply

Performance Series By Carrier

Carrier Infinity

Introducing the ultimate expression of Carrier®  


Infinity® System technology features are engineered to provide cutting-edge comfort. With innovations like Greenspeed® intelligence, Hybrid Heat® technology, Ideal Humidity System™ technology, Comfort Heat Technology® and variable-speed technology, your Infinity System outperforms the competition.

Utility Rebates Available – Restrictions Apply

Carrier InfinityCarrier HumidityCarrier Comfort



Carrier Air Conditioners

Comfort System Air Conditioners

Looking for the most economical way to improve the reliability and efficiency of your central air conditioning system? Turn to our Comfort series. With impressive SEER efficiency ratings ranging up to 16, they’re likely to cut your utility bills. And because these models can run even quieter than a common hair dryer, it’s easier on your ears as well. Some models in the Comfort™ Series may not be eligible for installation in the Southeast or Southwest regions of the country, based on the current minimum efficiency standards established by the Department of Energy.

Comfort ACCarrier Comfort

Performance Series Air Conditioners

Presenting a reliable, energy efficient and quiet way to cool your space—no matter how much space you have. In addition to a traditional air conditioner, our Performance series line includes a compact AC unit for tighter installations. Both types can operate more quietly than most dishwashers and offer impressive SEER ratings. Some models in the Performance™ Series may not be eligible for installation in the Southeast or Southwest regions of the country, based on the current minimum efficiency standards established by the Department of Energy.

Carrier Performance AC

Infinity Line Central Air Conditioners

Introducing the ultimate expression of Carrier® expertise and innovation. Infinity® System includes top-of-the-line heating and cooling products that offer a range of capabilities and patented technologies. Our advanced system control allows you to synchronize your comfort needs, receive energy reports to better maximize savings and more. The Infinity System is smarter, more efficient and more powerful than our non-communicating systems. It redefines comfort as we know it.

Utility Rebates Available – Restrictions Apply

Infinity ACCarrier HumidityCarrier Comfort

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Don’t forget about those leaky ducts. A system is only as good as the duct work its connected to. To optimize your system, you may be interested in Aeroseal. Areoseal is a duct sealing product that seals your ducts and helps improve you air conditioning system in four key areas: equipment performance, energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and dust control. Ask us about Aeroseal!

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