iWave Is Proven Effective At Removing COVID From The Air


This test was run using the iWave-C (GPS-DM48-AC) in a test designed to mimic ionization conditions like that of a commercial aircraft’s fuselage. Based on viral titrations, it was determined that at 10 minutes, 84.2% of the virus was inactivated. At 15 minutes, 92.6% of the virus was inactivated, and at 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated.


This test was run in a test chamber in a lab setting with the Nu-Calgon iWave-R Air Purifier P/N 4900-20. A petri dish containing a pathogen is placed underneath a laboratory hood, then
monitored to assess the pathogen’s reactivity to Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI) over time. This controlled environment allows for comparison across different types of pathogens.

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Indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you than outdoor pollution! People spend the majority of their lives inside their homes and buildings, so clean indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates, and contaminants, and the right level of humidity is important for day-to-day health and comfort. We offer many solutions to your air quality including air duct cleaning and Aeroseal duct sealing.  If you want cleaner, healthier indoor air, you can count on us to help.

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Air duct cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other pollutants from your air ducts. 90% of customers who have this service performed have noticed significant improvements in their allergies, asthma symptoms, and overall indoor air quality.  Also remember to always clean your dryer vent!



Don’t forget about those leaky ducts. A system is only as good as the duct work its connected to. To optimize your system, you may be interested in Aeroseal. Aeroseal is a duct sealing product that seals your ducts and helps improve you air conditioning system in four key areas: equipment performance, energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and dust control. Ask us about Aeroseal!

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