Beverage Service Installation & Repair


In addition to being know as the Surgeons of Comfort we also specialize in Beverage Services. We are a proud service provider for many beverage and bottling companies and our services include:

- Service and Installation
- Vending Machines
- Fountain Machines
- Freestyle Machines
- Preventative Maintenance Programs

Whether your beverage system needs service, a routine checkup, or a full replacement, our team of experts is here to help.  We offer financing and are available 24 hours a day for service.  Contact Air Doctors today to schedule your appointment.

Why Choose Air Doctors?

Service & Repair

Our NATE-certified technicians are on standby to handle all your service needs, from licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs, to immediate emergency response. We service all makes and models using only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. We also offer maintenance agreements that can help extend the life of your system.

System Replacement

Air Doctors provides custom HVAC system installation for your home. All systems are properly sized and installed for efficient operation. We specialize in cost-effective home comfort solutions, including natural gas, oil and electric furnaces, boilers, and gas and electric heat pumps.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that you can't see, smell, or taste, but can build up in enclosed spaces in your home. Our well-trained technicians know how to test and where to look for possible leaks and faulty equipment that could be contaminating your home and putting your family at risk with this deadly poisonous gas.

Home Performance

Contact us to evaluate your home's overall performance to ensure you are getting the maximum value, comfort, and energy savings from your HVAC system, building envelope and insulation, and duct work. Learn more.

Smart Home Thermostats

As a certified Nest Pro Contractor and an Ecobee Preferred Contractor, our team is specially trained to install, service, and maintain these state-of-the-art thermostats.

I couldn’t ask for a nicer, more honest and reasonable company to work with.—Barbara