The AirDoctors, LLC. provides high quality professional service in the following areas:

Custom HVAC/R Installation: AirDoctors provides custom installation for your business, residence, or institution. We use state of the art building science practices so that your equipment is properly sized and commissioned. These techniques will help eliminate inefficient operation and costly utility bills.

Financing Options Available.

Professional HVAC/R Service: Whether residential, commercial, or institutional our friendly and professional service technicians are capable of solving any HVAC/R problem. All of our service technicians are certified by NATE.

When you have a NATE certified technician working on your equipment, you can be ensured of quality work.

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Commercial Boiler/Burners Service (CSD – 1 Testing): We perform the Michigan State Boiler Code Required CSD – 1 Testing. Also known as RULE: 408.4027.

Maintenance Programs: Attention all business owners! Do you have a critical operation that needs 24/7 support? AirDoctors offers custom maintenance program that will prevent you from taking HVAC/R related revenue losses. With a scheduled maintenance program, costly repair bills are reduced significantly or even eliminated. We will come to your business frequently to ensure safe and efficient equipment operation.

Money Saving Energy Audits: If you continue to receive high energy bills month after month, there may be solutions through the use of building sciences. With an Energy Audit a certified technician will evaluate your residence or business and determine if there are remedies to your wasteful energy use. Reports are generated after the Energy Audit. These reports will show customers the necessary actions needed to be taken to make your property and equipment more energy efficient. All of AirDoctors’s Energy Auditors are BPI certified.

Duct Cleaning: Air Duct Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other pollutants from your air ducts. 90% of customers who have this service preformed have notice significant improvements in there allergies, asthma symptoms and, overall indoor air quality.

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